Rails Girls Summer of Code

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What is Rails Girls Summer of Code?

Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSoC) helps Rails Girls students (and students from other, comparable initiatives) get into Open Source.

Just like in Google Summer of Code and Ruby Summer of Code, students will be paid so they’re free to work on Open Source projects for a few months. Unlike those programs, the Rails Girls Summer of Code is about helping students to further expand their knowledge and skills by contributing to a great Open Source project (rather than producing highly sophisticated code).

Is it a global initiative?

Yes! Rails Girls Summer of Code is happening worldwide and students from all over the world are welcome to apply.

Who is running this?

The initiative is a community-driven one, so RGSoC is run by volunteers all over the world. Amazing people helping as organizers, coaches, mentors, supervisors are making this happen. You can too: Send an email to summer-of-code@railsgirls.com and join the international team!

Who can participate as a student?

We’re looking for women who have participated in any Rails Girls, RailsBridge, or similar newcomer workshop, have participate in a Ruby/Rails study group, or otherwise are getting started with Ruby/Rails as newcomers.

Unlike Google Summer of Code, no status as a student at a university is necessary, and there are certainly no degree or age limitations.

This initiative is focused on bringing more women into the world of open source. Men are not excluded however women are given priority.

Where will Rails Girls Summer of Code take place?

Since Rails Girls Summer of Code is an international initiative, there is no one “place” where everything happens. It depends on where students live and want to work

We will try to help find coaches as near as possible to a students location to avoid the student having to accomodate herself in a different city. Ideally coaches can provide a desk at their own workplace so students can sit next to them, ask questions and get support.

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