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Jul - Sept 2014 Worldwide

Rails Girls

Summer of Code

Get Rails Girls students into Open Source software projects!

Welcome to the second edition!

Last year Rails Girls Summer of Code started for the first time and has been a raging success. This year, we will be back and make another Summer full of code happen with your help!

Rails Girls Summer of Code offers three-months full time scholarships to pairs of Rails Girls students, supported by coaches. This community-driven initiative is about learning by doing — expand the knowledge and coding skills by contributing to a great Open Source project.

The Rails Girls Summer of Code program starts 1st of July 2014 and aims at providing sponsored scholarships to 20 students.

This cannot be done without help from our fantastic community. Please consider a donation or help out as a coach, coaching company or supporting organizer!

Latest Blog Post

Being a Volunteer Definitely Has Its Perks

Posted on Tue Oct 07 2014

On the last day of the Summer of Code, we presented a special surprise to our six volunteer teams.

If you remember, volunteer teams are teams that showed great potential and support, but couldn’t be offered a sponsored spot in the Summer of Code.

Working on an Open Source project for 3 months without any pay is a huge feat, and one which didn’t escape us, as we observed them over the Summer.

With the help of O’Reilly Verlag, and Code School, we were able to send the Volunteer Teams of 2014 something special to thank them for being a part of the program, and spur them on as they dig deeper into code.

From O’Reilly, each volunteer team member was given a free e-book of their choice from the German or English online stores. This should help our volunteers find some terrific reading material.

Code School kindly gifted volunteer participants each a three-month subscription, for full access to the Code School library of videos and tutorials.

How amazing, is that?!

When we let O’Reilly and Code School know we would be writing this blog post to thank them, they let us know how happy it made them just to contribute.

We hope this small gift makes a lasting impression on our volunteer teams as they finished up the Summer/Winter, and that they will enjoy some tools for extra learning.

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