Rails Girls Summer of Code

##Sponsorship Guidelines

Rails Girls Summer of Code is – above all – about people. That’s what we stand by, and it is why we source the scholarship funding from individuals as well as companies.

We are looking for sponsors that can identify with the values of Rails Girls Summer of Code and stand behind our mission to support women in technology and furthermore getting more women into Open Source. We stand for enabling women to join the community, helping to make them visible, speaking up and creating a safe space for them to learn.

The image and track record of the sponsoring companies should not conflict with our values. We can’t know all the facts about a company, but we trust them to be examples of ethical practices, and expect their track record to speak for themselves.

If there are conflicts with our values, we will discuss them on a case by case basis and take action where necessary. We review along the following principles:

  • Does the company reflect the values of Rails Girls and Rails Girls Summer of Code?
  • Do they have a strong track record in supporting women in technology?
  • Do they have a good track record in the community, as a fair employer?
  • Do they have a background of supporting Rails Girls events and/or groups before, during or after workshops?
  • Does the company show a sincere and sustainable effort in handling and overcoming a situation which conflicts with our values?

This can also mean rejecting a company as a sponsor, as we have done before and might do in the future.